CMS/ATMI Technology Lectures

At every ATMI National Conference there is an ATMI plenary lecture. Past speakers are listed below with the topics of their talks.

2012: David Cope, University of California – Santa Cruz, Dickerson Emeriti Professor of Music

2011: Douglas Irving Repetto, Columbia University, Doing It Wrong: The Value of Creative Research

2007: Gil  Weinberg, Georgia Institute of Technology, Extending the Musical Experience – from the Physical to the Digital . . . and Back

2006: Henry Panion III, University of Alabama – Birmingham, A Tale of Two Cities: The Use of Music Technology in the Classroom and the Music Profession

2005: Ann Blombach, The Ohio State University; Michael Arenson, University of Delaware; David B. Williams, Illinois State University; Vignettes from ATMI’s Thirty Years: The Little Organization That Could!

2004: Todd Machover, MIT Media Lab, Beyond Hi-Tech

2003:  Robert  Winter, Which Came First – the Chicken or the Egg?

2002: Libby Larsen, composer

2001: Tony Isaacs

2000: Tod Machover, MIT Media Lab

 More information may be found on the ATMI Conference Archive page and the CMS Conference Archive page.

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